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The FBI and Big Media Preparing for Midterm Election Lies

In the United States, electoral campaigns are built on a foundation of false information and blatant falsehoods. Now the FBI and Big Media Preparing for Midterm Election Lies. After the “insurrection” that was manufactured at the Capitol post-election by the FBI, it has become akin to committing treason to consider the idea that the elections had been in any way manipulated or stolen.

In the year 2022, politics has devolved into an unruly three-ring circus where drama, card tricks, and falsehoods compete for the spotlight. For example, in Aug of 2021, when FBI reached the conclusion that neither Donald Trump nor any of his followers had coordinated an effort to change the outcome of the election.

It was only natural that it didn’t see a lot of use.

The attorney who represents about a dozen people of the Oath Keepers said in an April court filing that he had uncovered evidence of government espionage and suspected agent provocateur activities during the rally.

Just what was reported in the News?

The hysterical as well as the irrational reaction of the state or its media to the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, a man who is obviously not informed on policy and who has at best an iffy grasp on geopolitics, is evidence sufficient to show that elections seem to be meaningless unless the candidate that has been vetted and elected by the establishment wins.

It was purportedly so bad that they were forced to hire a Brit to concoct a “dossier” of falsehoods, the most infamous and odious of which was that Trump was said to have urinated on a bed that had previously been used by Obama. These individuals are capable of the most obscene and ludicrous acts.

During this time, the son of the current president engaged in illicit sexual activity with prostitutes, took crack cocaine “every 15 minutes,” and, most troubling of all, secretly conducted commercial transactions with both China and Ukraine. We were aware of this information before the elections, yet it was obliterated from both social and corporate media in order to guarantee that Joe Biden would seem as though he had done nothing wrong when voters who had been misled did their “democratic duty.” Related: unter Biden’s Device Data And Documents


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