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Will those responsible for the covid scandal be held accountable now that we understand it was not an accident of nature?

It is now general knowledge that the so-called “Covid-19 Pandemic” was in fact nothing more than a scam. However, there is still the issue of whether or not those responsible will ever be brought to justice.

To this point, a very small number of politicians on either the left or the right are ready to handle the issue in full. There are others who believe that the lockdowns should never have taken place, but nearly none of them are ready to look more closely at the topic that everyone seems to be avoiding: vaccinations.

The topic of the jab is being extensively covered by independent media, however, where are our legislators? Are they too fearful of landing on the wrong side of Big Pharma to call the shots what they are—a mass genocide—and publicly condemn them?

According to an article written by an attorney named Thomas Renz for his Substack newsletter, “a number of Republicans look interested in digging deeper but everyone is fearful of upsetting big pharma.”

“After printing trillions of dollars and sending the money towards the pharma industry, it would seem that our politicians are scared to disturb them before the election,” said the reporter. “After all, they need our votes.”

Renz is baffled by the fact that the very same individuals who anticipate receiving our vote in Nov have a reluctance to do any of the stuff that we truly want them to do, such as bringing the perpetrators of the pandemic accountable for the crimes against humanity.

“The trouble is that the same individuals are asking us all to vote for them so that they can, supposedly, fight for us. This is a dilemma.” If they’re going to stand up for us, why won’t they swear to it before the election by coming out firmly on this issue? That is the question I have for them. Renz is curious about it.

“The political considerations strike me as being weak and cowardly.”

The Democratic Party will never conduct an investigation on the scamdemic. It is considered politically unacceptable for anybody on the left to challenge anything related to the issue, even if there is a possibility that some of them secretly wish to.

This is due to the fact that Democrats, such as the Biden criminal family, are allegedly closely tied to the production of the virus as well as its release into the wild. Many of them also gained a boatload of money from the multi-year pandemic, like Tony Fauci, his net wealth increased by a factor of three as a direct result of the pandemic (at least).

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