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Hottie Report about the Government Censorship

Hottie Report

Just after releasing a hottie report about the government censorship that took place at Twitter once he took the reins, Elon Musk, the chief operating officer of Twitter, revealed that he will be disclosing more “smoking guns” as to what goes on behind closed doors at the social media site in the future. Musk’s announcement came a day after he released a sensational report about political censorship that did take place at Twitter once he took the helm.

Musk has stated that he has high hopes that by revealing how Twitter hid information in cases similar to the one in which the New York Post revealed information about Hunter Biden’s computer in the run-up to the presidential race in 2020, it will compel the mainstream press to make a greater pledge to telling the truth.

During a live question-and-answer group meeting on Twitter Space that was attended by tens of thousands of individuals, Elon Musk made the following promise: “We’re just going to put all the details out there attempting to have a clean slate we will be recursively better and will force other content providers to also be more forthright or else they’ll lose their readership.”

A journalist by the name of Matt Taibbi released a collection of internal communications from Twitter last week. These communications revealed conversations between Democratic insiders as well as representatives of social media platforms that were intended to suppress coverage of the Post’s incriminating story about Hunter Biden’s laptop prior to the election.

Musk has said that there are additional smoking guns inside Twitter that he plans to share it with the world; however, he has not specified when the material would be made public.

He did make a point to mention, though, that he was not personally going through the data. Instead, he has given them to Taibbi, as well as Bari Weiss, a writer who once worked for the New York Times. According to him, the records point to “a significantly different standard given to Republican presidential candidates across the Us compared to a Democrat candidate’s,” which is something that Democrat candidates face.

“I am not claiming that this is without a doubt the situation. There seems to have been double standards where Democrats were not restricted… and Republicans were and it was, and I believe this is fairly evident to anybody who uses Twitter. “

In light of the fact that more than 99% of Twitter’s political donations went to Democratic candidates, he made the following observation in response to this fact: “It’s honestly the behaviors which are to be anticipated from a business that is located in San Francisco, that is far left.”

He went on to remark that a corporation that he describes as “basically a distillation of California politics” might be anticipated to exhibit this kind of conduct and that it was not surprising.

Former executives of Twitter may be held responsible for their actions.
When the Republicans win control of the House of Reps next week, the former Head of Legal, Policy & Trust at Twitter, Vijaya Gadde, will indeed be questioned by the Judiciary Committee in order to learn more about her involvement in obstructing the publication of the New York Post report.

It is alleged that Gadde played a significant part in preventing the Post’s reporting of the Hunter Biden scandal from being shared on Twitter by its followers. The former CEO was also instrumental in preventing previous President Trump from utilizing the site, which was one of his primary goals.

Shortly after completing the purchase of Twitter in October, Musk removed Gadde from his company. While Gadde was still employed by Twitter, he was offered and accepted a position on a highly influential advisory board for the Dept of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Security Agency. This position was held during the administration of former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to the report by Taibbi, high-level executives at Twitter made the decision to refer to the laptop story as “hacked material” despite the fact that they did not have any evidence to support this assertion; however, several mainstream news outlets since have admitted that the story is accurate. Twitter has, on many occasions, given in to requests made by Democrats to delete all discussion of the report from the site at the time it was issued. This includes deleting links to the stories that people shared and putting warnings that viewing them may be “unsafe.”

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post chose not to cover the story that revealed Twitter’s politically driven censorship of the story. This prompted Elon Musk to publish on Twitter: “The NY Times is becoming, for all intents, an unauthorized lobbying organization for far-left politicians.”

Taibbi also disclosed that James Woods was the subject of a censorship request sent to Twitter by the Dnc.

What occurred at Twitter may very well be only the tip of the iceberg, despite the fact that it is heartening to see that this conduct is now being revealed after all this time. Both Facebook and Google have been accused of engaging in behaviors that are analogous for a long time, but it does not seem that either company will be held responsible in the near future.

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