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Jordan Peterson was the target of a full-length Hollywood film

Most recently, Jordan Peterson was the target of a full-length Hollywood film that exemplified the secular West’s assault on males.

Reviewer Victoria Marshall of The Federalist discusses the film “Don’t Worry Darling,” in which an unseen villain manipulates gullible young men through well-crafted internet contact, leading them to perform horrific deeds. Olivia Wilde, the film’s director, has said that Peterson served as inspiration for this role and that she was impressed by the ability to communicate with big groups of young men.

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Many young people look up to Peterson as an inspiration. His devotees will learn from him, among other things, the importance of personal responsibility and “slaying the dragon” inside, the value of surrounding oneself with positive influences, and the fact that one’s dreams are within reach if one works hard to become the greatest version of oneself.

If people like Peterson didn’t exist, more men would become bitter as a result of their experiences. That’s a certain recipe for disaster.

Peterson was stepping up to fill the void left by the lack of male role models for young men by encouraging them to take accountability for themselves. He urges them to become more than mindless zombies whose greatest joy in life is the satisfaction of their cravings by telling them that they can be more. He provides them with inspiration and optimism at a time when people in their demographic are at an increased risk of dropping out of school, overdosing, and killing themselves.

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