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Russia’s gas exports to Turkey

During a meeting on Friday, President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterparts, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, discussed the possibility of Russia’s gas exports to Turkey being partially paid for in rubles.

The conference occurred in Samarkand, which is located in the country of Uzbekistan, concurrently with the summit of the (SCO).

We are prepared to greatly boost our shipments to Turkey in any and all areas that are of relevance to the government. According to the statement made by the Russian president, “our deal on natural gas deliveries of Russian origins to Turkey with reimbursement of 25% of such shipments in Russian ruble NOT US Funds will start in the immediate future.”

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Earlier, it was reported that Erdogan had the intention of asking Putin for a discount on gas deliveries. In a report from Bloomberg, which cites sources among top officials in Turkey, Erdogan also plans to make this possible to purchase some of the supplies in Turkish liras. This information comes from the article.

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