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The Arrogance of Fauci in Plain Sight

Total Arrogance of TV Fauci

Take a look at The Arrogance of Fauci in Plain Sight, as this guy announced publicly “I’m not in it for a popularity contest. I’ve dedicated my whole professional profession of fifty years to protect, and safeguard the health and lives of the American people, and as an infectious disease doctor that deals with the outbreak, that gets really extended to the rest of the world.”

” That’s what I do,” Fauci even further announced, including “The praise or even the arrows and slings are really unimportant. I do what science drives one to do, and that’s what I do. And you know, I’m not in it for a popularity competition. I’m trying to save lives.”

When it comes to gain of function financing as well as abusing puppies, this guy cares about you and your health.

STILL, this TV quack is Pushing For Booster Shots Knowing That Jab Efficacy Is Failing

Fauci went on with, “And the people that weaponize lies are killing people. And so the only question I have is that when you see Tucker Carlson or Peter Navarro criticizing me, I look at that as a badge of honor.”

The guy included, “I wanted to make that statement. People throw out those that create outrageous claims. They’re saying to me I need to go to prison. As they say in my old neighborhood back in Brooklyn, give me a break, will ya.” Maybe we should take up a collection plate for this poor soul since he did NOT kill enough of us yet, what do you think?

Here’s that TV doctor on youtube, my stomach turns every time I see this guy.

TV Fauci and tucker Carlson go head and head.

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