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Decriminalizing Pornography and Erotica – The Zelensky Plan

Is It A Good Idea Decriminalizing Pornography and Erotica?

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky has given the order to investigate the possibility of decriminalizing pornography and erotica. The decision was made in responding to a petition that received the 25,000 signatures that were necessary for the subject to be taken into consideration by the authorities.

As a result of a petition that argued that the legalization of pornography may contribute money to Kiev’s budget, President Zelensky recently ordered an investigation into the likelihood of making pornography more widely accepted.

Commenting on the proposal on Friday, Zelensky gave the impression that he had delegated PM Denis Shmygal the responsibility “to handle the matter highlighted in the internet petition… and tell its authors about the outcomes of consideration.”

In his statement, Zelensky mentioned that the Constitution of Ukraine gives its inhabitants the right to freedom of opinion, perception, and expression. On the other hand, this provision is constrained, among many other factors, by a law aimed at safeguarding public morality that makes it illegal to produce or distribute works that are sexually explicit.

According to Taras Syromskyi, the petition’s creator, the relevant Ukrainian legislation contains various loopholes that “leave opportunity for its interpretation,” notably in relation to how eroticism is truly defined.

“The legislation doesn’t really explain clearly when sexuality is in art, or where eroticism is porn,” he says in the article. “The statute does not describe very well eroticism in art.” The article also mentioned that prohibiting porn might potentially encourage unscrupulous behavior.

In the same breath, he referred to the decriminalization of porn as “an amazing chance to contribute cash to the Ukrainian budget.”

The response from Zelensky to the appeal comes after he recently asked the party leader to think about legalizing same-sex marriage in response to another petition that was submitted a month ago. He did note at the time, nevertheless, that the Provisions of the constitution on marital relationships could not be done due to the announcement of martial law on Feb 24, the same day that Moscow began its ground campaign in the country. This was the day that Russia actually started its ground offensive inside the country.

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