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Face Masks May NOT be Going Away

Masks NOT Going Away Anytime Soon

WHO is recommending all individuals that have already been totally immunized wear face masks again, so, Face Masks May NOT be Going Away. Up until now, the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control have not necessarily followed suit. Still, it’s just a matter of time considering that mainstream networks are always, 24/7, pushing the super-scary “delta variant” really hard. In the meantime, in spite of the video below, India is establishing or setting great examples for the entire world.

Things are beginning to heat up as Attorneys and Doctors sue the CDC, WHO, and the Davos Group for Crimes Against Humanity.

The nation started using Ivermectin, and even hydroxychloroquine to STOP C…V… 1…9 back in May this year. Cases or case counts, and spreading practically vanished ever since. Go figure, yet you will NEVER hear about this in the mainstream. Hmm, wonder why?

The news below is horrifying to even think about but it actually happened. In India, a bank security personnel was arrested for attempted murder shortly after SHOOTING a patron for not using a face diaper, have a look at the video clip below. Has the FKN world gone NUTS?

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