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Fauci Wants Babies and Toddlers Vaccinated by 2022

Fauci said babies and toddlers will get their COVID-19 vaccine shots by 2022.

He also said that infants and toddlers — basically anyone under 5 years of age — will likely have a COVID-19 injection offered to them by springtime 2022, Business Insider reports.

Likely he said? There is NOTHING likely about it, this is the PLAN, and they ARE going after our kids, ALL OF THEM.

” With any luck in a short period of time, likely the beginning of next year in 2022, in the 1st quarter of 2022, it will be readily available to all of them,” Fauci said to Real News Cast reporters.

Fauci then claimed that it’s hard to know when the vaccine is going to show up. “Can’t guarantee it, you’ve got to do the clinical trial first,” he said. Ah, clinical trials, of what, 90 days?” asked Danny Perkins of Toronto Ontario.

Evildoers are Getting Away with Jabbing Youngsters

The Centers for Disease Control said expecting mothers can get the vaccine, saying it will not result in birth issues or negative adverse effects in kids. Yep, and we are to TRUST this PROVEN LIER.

Fauci, head of the NIH said that additional vaccine shots for more people will help control the spread of the coronavirus, per The Guardian.

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