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A Cult That Masked Children

Watched a horrific documentary last night about an insane cult that masked kids, isolated people for long periods, separated them from loved ones, forced experimental medical treatments on them, and brainwashed large numbers to believe they were impure and diseased. Frightening. Oh, wait, It’s Happening NOW!

Seems to me that the Conspiracy theorists have been more reliable than the experts.

Here is a puzzle for you – Mix up all the letters in Delta Omicron and you get MEDIA CONTROL!!!

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to think and understand that what is happening is seriously, seriously wrong.


Exposing the Madness of a PandemicTime To Resist Is Now

My Prediction: Within a few weeks, they will declare “a record surge” a “new wave” and declare lockdowns for all until you “get the booster” (that will only make you sicker) They are DESPERATE FOR OUR COMPLIANCE.

Pay attention… Why did he change his mind? Is the number of hospitalization correlated with the number of vaccinated kids?

Here is the solution to our problems – Just STOP complying. They will NOT stop unless WE do.

I have to ask, How many people do you think that have NO symptoms will test themselves in the hope of getting a positive result, so they don’t have to go back to work tomorrow?

Thinking face

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