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Tucker Carlson addressed the issue head-on, saying, “It’s time we speak about the elite pedophilia problem”

For many years, it was thought to be an outlandish conspiracy idea that had been concocted in the spooky basement of some pizza restaurant in Washington, DC. Today, however, the “elite pedophilia issue” has become a talking topic in mainstream news, notably over at Fox, where Tucker Carlson tackled it explicitly in a recent program. This is a significant change from earlier in the decade.

Carlson said that individuals at the top echelons of politics, economics, and the entertainment industries are child abusers who gorge themselves on the innocence of children to fuel their efforts to globalize society. He also discussed Jeffrey Epstein, who, despite having been imprisoned for having sexual encounters with kids, continued to socialize with prominent figures such as Oprah Winfrey following his release from jail.

“How did he manage to pull it off?” During the course of the discussion, Carlson questioned. “Why didn’t anyone say anything? What was it about him that kept folks wanting to eat with him?

“Well, at the very least, we could indeed conclude, based on the evidence, that there is an acceptance for pedophilia amongst certain, some of the most powerful in our society,” which is a tolerance that you’d not find in, say, one’s typical middle-class American family. “Well, at the least, we can reach the conclusion, based on the evidence, that there is a compassion for pedophilia among some, of the most powerful in our society (Related: Do you remember whenever Tucker Carlson referred to the “insurrectionists” on January 6 as being in the employ of the FBI?)

Leftists believe that members of the LGBT community are being targeted whenever pedophilia is brought up in conversation.
There is also the issue of businesses that pander to the wealthy, with Balenciaga being among the most renowned examples. These kinds of businesses rub people’s noses in the fact that the so-called “elite” are spoiled brats who take pleasure in showing off their wealth to the general population.

Balenciaga just finished running an ad campaign that depicted many instances of sex with minors in various settings. A rather young girl was observed sleeping face down on a sofa in one of them. She was surrounded by candles & emptied wine glasses, and there was a dog collar on that coffee table.

The same girl, who is now clearly seen to be a toddler, is shown cradling a teddy bear while clad in sexual bondage gear, complete with a leather harness, in another advertisement for Balenciaga. The commercial can be found here.

By the way, the ultra-wealthy have gained a significant portion of their riches from taxpayers, and they have made it the new standard for them to exhibit this type of grotesque depravity. The United States of America is home to one of the most perverse forms of social order imaginable, and it is staring you in the face the whole time.

Carlson explained how this Balenciaga ad series has been intentionally designed to mock the general population in this manner by stating, “That picture showed documents from a Supreme Judge’s ruling that struck down a law that was designed to fight child pornography.” This was done in an effort to mock the public in this manner.

“Whoever was in charge of setting up the picture session made sure to include a section of that opinion that uses the term “sex” or “sexual” four times, and of course, this was not done by mistake. Balenciaga intended for you to take notice of their work. As we explained to you the other night, we thought this was a rather significant piece of news. You have a huge multinational retail brand that is pushing kiddie porn and sex with minors, and they are not doing this in a covert manner; rather, they are advertising it in the open.

In the meanwhile, the corporate-controlled news on the Left, alongside leftist politicians, are certain that bringing attention to this depravity and evil is inappropriate because it constitutes an assault on the “LGBT community.”

In other ways, molestation, rape, and murder, nowadays, and mutilating kids with transgenderism are merely various colors on the LGBT “rainbow” that should be accepted as other individuals living “their truth.” This includes the practice of transgenderism.

This is the viewpoint of the Democratic Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, who was among the numerous people spotted wining & dining with Epstein after his incarceration. Adams is also one of the people mentioned in the previous sentence. Is he a pedophile as well, Adams? Where do we stand with Oprah?

Carlson asserts that the media are not interested in reporting on the sexualization of youngsters because they do not find it newsworthy. “Their interest – and it’s a really great interest, which is revealing – is in eliminating anybody who complains about the sexualization of youngsters or who even recognizes it. This is a very deep desire on their part. They tell us that pointing it out is an assault on the Lgbtqia+ community.

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