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Is the U.N. Behind the ‘Invasion’ at the U.S. Border? Insights from Panama’s Top Official

Have you ever wondered about the driving forces behind the surge of military-aged foreign nationals at the U.S. Southern Border? Well, hold onto your hats, because Panama’s top official has some startling revelations. Oriel Ortega, a seasoned security and defense consultant to Panamanian President Laurentino Cortizo, is no stranger to the complexities of border security. In a recent bombshell interview, Ortega shed light on what he calls the United Nations’ (UN) “engineered” agenda behind the border crisis.

UN’s Strategic Engineering of Global Migration

Ortega pulls no punches as he exposes what he believes to be a strategically orchestrated plan by the UN to foster global mass migration and promote open borders. According to him, the uptick in migration coincided with the influx of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) into Panama bcak in 2016. This surge, he claims, was closely linked to the UN’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration meeting held the same year. Fast forward two years, and a staggering 500,000 migrants traversed the perilous Darien Gap from Colombia into Panama in 2023 alone.

The Role of NGOs in Facilitating Migration

But who’s facilitating this migration? Ortega points fingers at NGOs, arguing that instead of alleviating the crisis, they exacerbate it. He stresses that while migrants aren’t the issue, organized crime and international organizations bear significant responsibility. Take, for instance, the camps in Panama where migrants are provided with detailed maps of migration routes, courtesy of NGOs like HIAS. These maps meticulously outline routes from Colombia to Costa Rica, complete with bus stops and “migration kiosk” locations.

Challenges Faced by Migrants

The plight of migrants is harrowing, as revealed by The Epoch Times’ visit to camps in the Darien Gap. From infections to trench foot, migrants endure unimaginable hardships on their journey northward. Basic necessities like clean water and diapers are in short supply, with NGO staff reportedly making brief appearances at the camps. Ortega expresses dismay at the mismanagement of funds meant to aid migrants, emphasizing the need for accountability and transparency.

UN’s Expanding Role and Its Impact

While the UN has long been involved in aiding migrants, its role has expanded exponentially in recent years. This expansion, Ortega argues, has led to a surge in illegal immigration into the United States With nearly $1.3 billion of U.S. taxpayer money allocated to UN and other agencies assisting migrants in 2023 alone, questions about effectiveness and accountability loom large.

Implications for the United States.

Ortega’s concerns extend beyond Panama’s borders, as he highlights the ripple effects of mass migration on countries like the United States. Instances of “bad actors” causing disruptions in places like New York underscore the far-reaching consequences of unchecked migration.

Final Thoughts

As Ortega’s revelations continue to reverberate, it prompts us to rethink the narrative surrounding the border crisis. While the issue is undoubtedly multifaceted, his insights shed light on the role of international actors and the urgent need for a concerted, transparent approach to address the challenges at hand.

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