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Germans are Against Angela Merkel

According to the results of a recent poll, the majority of Germans are against Angela Merkel making a return to politics in any capacity.

A year ago, she resigned from her post as the leader.

According to statistics obtained by the Civey poll institute on request of both the Funke Media Organization and cited by multiple German media sites on Saturday, a total of 71 percent of respondents are opposed to seeing the leader back in government, but 23% would embrace her return to the office.

Despite this, 43 percent of Germans think she was a superior chancellor to Olaf Scholz, the current head of the country. The opposing viewpoint is held by about the same number of people—41%.

Merkel served as chancellor of Germany for a total of 16 years, during which she presided over four separate German administrations. She came within a few days of surpassing Helmut Kohl, the political figure who served as her primary mentor. Since she left office, Merkel has been the target of criticism about claims that her energy policies rendered Germany very reliant on energy imports from Russia.

The former chancellor attempted to explain her actions by arguing that getting gas from Russia was the most effective way to move towards a more environmentally friendly future.

In an extensive interview that she gave to the German publication Der Spiegel earlier this week, she said that the confrontation between Moscow – Kiev should not appear to be a surprise to her since “the Minsk Agreements were undermined” by that point in time.

She also said that she had wished for a new conversation framework between Russia as well as the EU, but that she was unable to make the plan a reality.

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