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Russia and China Participate in Joint Military Drills

In the context of their growing relationship, Russia and China participate in joint military drills.

In a demonstration of increasing defense and security between Moscow and Beijing, Moscow has started war games that will last for an entire week and will involve forces representing China and many other countries.

Amidst Russia’s all-out conflict in Ukraine, which began on Feb 24th, and as China and Russia deal with tension with the United States, operation Vostok 2022 (Eastern 2022) exercises began on early Thursday.

An expert at the Nanyang Technological in Singapore named Graham Ong-Webb stated to Real News Cast that the scope of the joint military exercises held this season was larger in comparison to the magnitude of the war games that were held in the past.

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Marching Chinese troops arrive at the Sergeevsky practice field in Primorskiy Kray, Russian Far East, for Vostok 2022 military drills. [Image: AFP file of Russian Defense Ministry pamphlet]

This is a sign that “the two governments would collaborate and coordinate on military concerns,” as stated in the previous sentence.

Participating in the exercises are countries that formerly belonged to the Soviet Union, as well as China, Pakistan, Laos, Mongolian, Nicaraguan, & Syrian. The exercises are slated to come to a close on Sept 7. The analyst stated that Russia is communicating to the rest of the globe that it is not isolated and that it does have allies.

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