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56,000 refugees have applied for asylum in Germany

Since a record 56,000 refugees have applied for asylum in Germany this year, its foreign minister Karl Nehammer announced on Monday that European Union’s asylum system has failed. Nehammer suggested increasing border security with Viktor Orban of Hungary and Aleksandar Vucic of Serbia.

“Austria is now highly affected by illegal migration. Nehammer reportedly said during a conference between Orban and Vucic near Budapest, “The solidarity commitment that we are giving in Europe is abnormally big.” The quote was cited by the Kronen Zeitung of Austria.

There has been a failure in the asylum policy. The chancellor also noted that the EU’s external borders continue to lack robust protection and that the problem’s reality is being ignored.

Countries who are struggling to cope with the flood of migrants are urged by the European Union’s “Effective Solidarity” initiative to let richer member states take in their citizens. If the affluent nations of Europe do not take in their “due share” of refugees, the European Commission will urge the remaining member states to do so.

The Austrian Ministry of the Interior reports that 56,149 asylum requests were received from the beginning of the year to the middle of August. Compare it to the same time last year, and you’ll see a rise of 195%. The majority of asylum seekers were Indian nationals, the ministry observed, who had zero chance of being awarded refuge since they came from a secure country.

Asylum seekers from Pakistan, Morocco, and Tunisia, whose claims are likewise expected to be denied, are also included in the total.

Austria is doing all it can to safeguard itself, and we intend to take additional steps along with Serbia & Hungary because once the Serbian or Hungarian borders are secured, our own boundary is also protected, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Nehammer said on Monday.

As millions of migrants started streaming into Europe around 2015, Austria has utilized the military many times to implement border controls. Last year, an extra 400 troops were stationed at the border with Hungary. Orban has adopted an even harder line, erecting a double-layer barrier around its borders between Croatia and Serbia and quickly deporting illegal immigrants. A majority of asylum requests in Belgrade are denied.

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