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Pregnant Female Abandoned in Afghanistan: Taliban Hunting Americans

As the Biden government applauds itself about the withdrawal, one California Pregnant female abandoned in Afghanistan, lives in terror, recognizing she is prey for the Taliban.

Taliban aggressors are “searching and HUNTING Americans,” a 25-year-old expecting female identified as Nasria informed Real News Cast.

” Evidently these people are literally moving door to door … trying to find if anyone has a blue passport,” she mentioned.

” I think to myself, ‘Am I really going to make it home? Am I really going to wind up staying right here? Am I likely going to wind up dying right here? What’s going to happen?'”.

Republican Politician Rep. Darrell Issa of The state of California claimed the expecting American citizen has been literally kicked in the abdomen by Taliban warriors.

” Anybody that claims there may not be folks stranded is without a doubt wrong,” Issa explained recently, basing on Real News Cast Team News.

She pointed out it was definitely a continuous terror.

” It really was hard to jump on a flight. There were a number of days where we slept in the streets,” she explained. “Folks were virtually moving or stepping over one another. That’s just how horrible it was.”.

” I’ve never in my entire life experienced anything such as this. It resembled a motion picture scene. … Virtually a film clip.”.

Nasria pointed out the State Dept guaranteed her that she will get picked up right after her original flight home was called off.

However, after hanging around at the flight terminal for around twelve hrs without any food or even drinking water, she was stopped by the Taliban.

” Our own soldiers were pretty much at the gateway just waiting on people to continue walking, and these guys (The Taliban) obstructed us.”.

She made an effort to walk past the Taliban troop, however, they “began shooting right by my leg and even said to me to come back or they are going to shoot me,” she said.

In spite of guarantees that the UNITED STATE is going to discover or find a way to save her, Nasria continues to be doubtful.

” I don’t believe I’m going to have the ability or means to head back home. … If I was merely 15 steps from the airport terminal and stopped by the Taliban as the US military stood and watched… Then what chance am I supposed to have right now?”.

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