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The Rush to Authoritarianism

We Are Rush to Authoritarianism and Total Totalitarianism

The rush to authoritarianism is mystifying based on the formal narrative. Almost all so-called experts acknowledge that the mRNA “vaccinations” do not stop infection & do not stop the immunized from transmitting it.

Yet the immunized are told they need the booster injections every six months and continue using the useless face masks.

Why does the booster injection protect you now while the former jabs do not? Why do politicians and Paid TV experts REFUSE to explain this?


Fauci Pushing For Booster Shots Knowing That Jab Efficacy Is Failing

It was never made clear why the focus is on protecting against an infection that has extremely low loss of life, affecting those with pre-existing health conditions, especially the elderly that were NEVER provided early proper treatment, like Hydrocloriqune or Ivermectin, zink, or vitamin C to name a few.

The vaccination tracking systems in the United States, UK, as well as EU revealed a bigger number of fatalities/deaths and injuries associated directly as a result of the “injection” than from ANY Virus- known to mankind.

The REAL Experts, NOT the TV self-proclaimed experts like Dr. Fauci, have proven that young people are in NO danger from this virus, but in danger from the vaccinations. We can’t even call it a vaccination, It is a synthetic that is EXPERIMENTAL, in the LIVE testing stages… Meaning those that take the shot ARE the guineapigs.

Healthy sports celebrities are dropping dead from cardiac arrest. Experts have even provided confirmation that the “injection” attacks the body’s immune system, making the immunized much less equipped to fend off infections and many forms of cancer.

Simply put, all of the evidence is in opposition to inoculation. There is absolutely NO proof that it stops the virus, it merely lessens the SYMPTOMS, that’s it, folks, think about that for a second.


More Proof that It’s all a Scam

Why the strong-arm tactics to PUSH harmful inoculation’s that just do damage?

It is UNTHINKABLE that health organizations in Canada, the US, Italy, Germany, and especially Australia are NOT aware that the “injections” are a complete failure and a danger to your long-term health.

One person asked: Are all the medical experts used by Media and Politicians paid off with kickbacks by Big Pharma? or is this a population control tactic? You, tell me?

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