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Young Girls search out Puberty Blockers

Puberty Blockers

The American Girl Doll label, which is owned by the action figure giant Mattel, decided to release a children’s book on November 1 that encourages young girls to search out puberty blockers without the consent of their parents so that they can “transition” into another gender. The book is part of the American Girl Doll brand.

“A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image,” which is marketed for kids aged 3-12, tells young girls that they need “to live comfortably in their own skin,” which, according to Mattel, means purposefully destroying one’s own hormone balance as well as slicing off genitalia or other body parts. The target audience for this product is children ages 3-12.

According to what is said in the book, “If you haven’t gone through puberty yet, the doctor could suggest drugs to postpone your body’s changes,” which would give the individual more time to consider their gender identity.

There is also a list of organizations that promote services that children may seek out about transitioning “if you don’t have an adult you trust.” These organizations are available to children. The inference here is, of course, that one’s own parents are the enemy if they do not support their child’s decision to take drugs that change their gender.

Parents, you must do all in your power to shield your children from the dangers of the outside world.
On Amazon and other social media platforms, customers from all around the world have started submitting nasty reviews for the book. According to what one of them has written, the new American Girl Doll book is “repugnant” and constitutes “child abuse.”

Mattel has not yet responded to any of the individuals or media sources who have sought to contact the firm for comment regarding the book and the reasons why it was released; nevertheless, the company has published the book.

Someone responded, “No longer a customer!” in response. “American Girl is encouraging such a progressive gender philosophy!”

One commenter suggested that the corporation should “focus less” on its efforts to indoctrinate youngsters as young as 3 with transgender ideology and instead “focus more” on the production of healthy toys for kids that preserve the children’s impression of themselves as innocent.

“A book that promotes children to use puberty blockers (known to induce infertility and raise the risk of cancer) if they don’t feel good in their own skin.” “A book that urges youngsters to take puberty blockers.” AND provides them with the means to do it in secret without their parent’s knowledge? “is not acceptable,” one customer writes in a review on Amazon. There is no need to include it in a book for youngsters since these children are exposed to it often in their everyday lives.

Many people pointed out to Mattel and the makers of the American Girl Doll that sex or gender is not “assigned” by a physician at the time of birth, contrary to what the Cult of LGBTQ+ asserts. One of them indicated that the decision is made at the time of conception, which is “far before you leave the birth canal.”

“And informing girls that it’s alright to take puberty blockers and to provide them resources even if their parents don’t approve? “, you could ask. SICK!!” Someone else also wrote. “This book should educate girls to be happy in their own GIRL body and to embrace that and be glad to be a girl,” the author writes. “This book should also teach girls how to be pleased to be a girl.”

In addition, the book included a chapter on cross-dressing, in which the author urges young readers to embrace their “gender expression” by acting differently and dressing in a manner that is not consistent with their gender identity.

Your gender presentation might be feminine, masculine, or anywhere in between; moreover, it may shift over time. It is written in the book. “Perhaps you’ll play around with colorful clothes and feminine haircuts that are long and loose. You might also try wearing shorts that are too big for you, shirts with plaid patterns, and a buzz cut.

The website comes to a close by stating that “Your gender expression must make you feel at ease in your body.”

This kind of garbage is quickly becoming the standard as more and more businesses see the error of their ways. Even well-known brands like Mattel have been corrupted beyond recognition into a cult of child-molesting sexual predators who love to brainwash & propagandize subsequent generations into their twisted beliefs; parents should be on the lookout for this.

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