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Musk Threatening to Reveal Hunter Biden’s Discussions

Elon Musk now is threatening to reveal all of Twitter’s internal discussions pertaining to the censorship of the “Laptop from Hell” belonging to Hunter Biden. In the run-up to the presidential election in 2020, when the news first emerged, Twitter and also the whole Big Tech cabal worked together to censor the material and classify it as “harmful propaganda.” In doing so, they buried explosive proof of crimes perpetrated by the Biden clan.

The Department Of Justice and the FBI have, up to this point, disregarded the evidence, and all public calls for an inquiry into the Biden line have been rebuffed. This is despite the fact that the evidence has been presented on several occasions.

The previous leadership of Twitter not only connived with the federal govt to violate the Freedom Of expression clause of the First Amendment in the United States Constitution, but they also connived to cover up proof of high crimes and misdemeanors committed by such a former Vice President and his son. This is a double conspiracy on the part of Twitter’s former leadership.

Elon Musk is attempting to win back the public’s confidence in Twitter.

Elon Musk, after gaining control of Twitter, has further revealed corruption and prejudice inside the corporation; this is corruption that the general public had been used to hearing about. Elon Musk has repositioned himself in the public’s mind as a defender of free speech in an effort to win back the public’s confidence in the platform. Musk has restored a number of high-profile accounts that were previously suspended as a result of false claims, character assassination, or because of the color of the user’s beliefs.

The former leadership of Twitter lied about important public issues and suppressed information by using the platform to their advantage. They deployed algorithms to engage in widespread viewpoint discrimination, while also covering up crimes and effectively participating in elections. This was done in the name of “covering up for crimes.”

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