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Hunter Biden’s Device Data And Documents

Anonymous posters at 4chan claim this weekend to have cracked the code and gained access to a backup of Hunter Biden’s device data and documents. And it ain’t pretty, y’all.

Now listen, I’m going somewhere with all this. It’s not just about the thing that was posted or what it contains about the Bidens. So if you’re getting ready to scold, stay with me for a minute here.

In the history of the internet, there have been many places maligned as untrustworthy despite being free speech safe zones that have produced truth that the MSM doesn’t want people to know about or hear about. But 4chan really ain’t that.

Yet even so, sometimes things that can’t come out any other way get out through there, the way they used to at more mainstream sites like Reddit before they became so mainstream they’re basically corporate.

And I mention all that because the fact that 4chan is the source is no reason to assume this stuff is fake, and it’s no reason to assume it’s real. But it could be. The doc dumb includes stuff it would be hard to explain them having if it weren’t real, like passports, personal photos of the Bidens, and so on, so it sure looks pretty real, and like it’s what they claim it is.

And what it is, is dang disturbing. Especially the nickname for Joe that Hunter allegedly uses: “Pedo Peter”

hunter biden document leak 1

Over at RedState, Bonnie points out it could be the other way around, a nickname for Hunter used by Joe?

And stuff keeps getting posted.

In any case, I told y’all I’m going somewhere with this and I am.

Yeah, alright, this is stuff is sketchy. Of course. It’s not nailed down. It is a good job at being convincing, but that’s the job of something fake, right? This is by no stretch verified or confirmed.

But fake or real isn’t the real point here. The REAL point is that this has WAY more to recommend than the Russia Collusion myth. Way, way more convincing than the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh that had no evidence at all but occupied the Democrat-MSM axis for months and still do. And this has way way way WAY more legs than a certain “tape” the MSM did, does, and forever will feel comfortable bringing up on national television.

They will turn their noses up at this and pretend it’s because of journalistic integrity, just like they did when they tried to destroy the New York Post for their correct story about Hunter’s laptop. But they do that in service of their ideology, not their profession.

And that Hunter laptop story was treated as just as sketchy as this will be, but it was true nevertheless and eventually proved so. Just as a reminder.

So that’s the real point here. You wanna preach to us about not posting rumors or unverified leaks? Yeah, you can take that sermon and shove it right up your pee … tape.

UPDATE: Sorry, couldn’t pass this up.


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