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Data Reveals COVID-19 Fatalities Hugely Overstate

COVID Fatalities Hugely Overstate

Data reveals COVID-19 fatalities have been hugely overstated by counting those that passed away from other problems but tested positive for COVID within 28 days of their fatality.

Recently published information coming from the UK reveals that the amount of loss of lives from January 2020 and the conclusion of September 2021 in England, and even Wales, where COVID was the single cause of passing, was 17,371– never 137,133 as disclosed.

The typical age of dying from COVID in 2021 was 82.5 yrs old. That scarcely comprises an emergency situation, least of all for healthy and balanced/healthy school, and working-age folks.

In the United States, records indicate a comparable trend of overstated stats. Most recently, United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention administrator Dr. Rochelle Walensky pointed out a research study revealing that 77.8% of individuals that had gotten the jab, yet passed away from or with COVID also had 4 comorbidities.

Covid is NOT the Problem!

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