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God Wants You to be Vaccinated in Both Arms

Church giving covid shots

The reason that you have two arms rather than one or none at all is that God wants you to be vaccinated in both arms. One arm will get vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), while the other arm will get vaccinated against seasonal influenza.

This is the argument that Ashish Jha, the “czar” of COVID-19 for the fictitious president Joe Biden, is claiming as he encourages Americans to roll up their sleeves over the Christmas season.

Jha, whose official title is “Coronavirus Response Coordinator,” recently gave a press conference in which she advised all Americans to be vaccinated not just against the ordinary flu but also against the Chinese flu. Even those who have previously had many injections of mRNA (also known as messenger RNA), often known as boosters, are being urged to have further injections.

Jha pleaded with the audience to take immediate action, noting that this is “why God had given you 2 arms.”

“Go get your shot of covid. Get vaccinated against the flu… If you wish, you may put one in each arm,’.

The world has gone mad!

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