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Musk has begun his career as the owner of Twitter

Elon Musk has begun his career as the owner of Twitter by removing the top leadership of the massive social media platform. This action marks the beginning of Musk’s term.

Musk promptly terminated the employment of 3 of Twitter‘s most senior employees after completing a deal to acquire the firm for $44 billion on Thursday. This action was a statement of his intention to leave his mark on one of the most powerful social media platforms in the world.

According to a number of media stories that cite individuals who are aware of the issue, Chief Executive P. Agrawal, Financial Officer Ned Segal, & Vijaya Gadde, chief of legal, policy, and trust, have all been terminated from their positions.

According to the Washington Post, which cited an anonymous source for its information, Sean Edgett, who served as general counsel for Twitter, was also terminated.

According to a story by Reuters, which cited individuals with knowledge of the situation, Agrawal & Gadde were both allegedly hauled out of Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco after Musk was fired.

Twitter & Musk have not yet publicly confirmed that the firings have taken place.

Musk, who describes himself as an absolute supporter of free speech, has a history of butting heads with the leadership of the corporation over the latter’s management of the platform for social media.

In April, the CEO of Tesla posted a joke that included Gadde’s face and implied that the platform’s moderation choices are influenced by a left-wing bias.

Gadde has been a focal point for conservatives’ concerns about the censoring of their beliefs by large technology companies. The Indian-born executive serves as the top lawyer for Twitter, and he made the decision to forever suspend the account of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, due to his alleged incitement to violence in the aftermath of the riots that occurred on January 6 at the United States Capitol.

Musk and Agrawal engaged in a public spat in May, during which Musk tweeted a feces emoji in reaction to a thread written by Agrawal, the CEO of Twitter, in which Agrawal stated that it was impossible to identify the actual number of spam profiles on the network. The exchange occurred after Musk did attempt to back out from his $44 billion deal to buy the business after accusing execs of concealing the number of bots and spoofed accounts on that platform. Musk’s attempt came after Musk accused executives of trying to conceal the number of chatbots as well as spam accounts here on the platform. Text conversations that were made public as part of Twitter’s legal effort to uphold the original terms of the agreement showed curt discussions between the 2 men over the future of the firm.

Agrawal, a native of Mumbai who relocated to the United States in 2005, worked as Twitter’s chief technical officer until Jack Dorsey, the company’s creator, appointed him as CEO a year ago. In a conversation with MIT’s Technology Review in the year 2020, he said that his vision for the function of the firm was to “focus less on wondering about free speech and more on wondering about how the times have changed.”

In court documents that were submitted earlier this month, lawyers for Musk’s company accused top executives including Agrawal, Gadde, and Edgett of directing a Twitter whistleblower named Peiter Zatko to destroy the evidence of the company’s inadequate cybersecurity policies. Zatko was also named as a defendant in the allegations.

In spite of the fact that Musk’s precise objectives for Twitter aren’t yet known, the billionaire has voiced his disapproval of the platform’s moderation procedures and emphasized the need for a “shared digital town square” in which a diverse array of viewpoints may be expressed.

Conservatives have welcomed Musk’s purchase of Twitter because they see it as a corrective to what they perceive as Silicon Valley’s chokehold on political discussion online. On the other hand, critics have warned that Musk’s takeover of Twitter might also result in an increase in hate speech and misinformation.

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