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Is Canada’s relentless pursuit of progressive policies and its unwavering “woke tolerance” leading it down a treacherous path? As we explore the shocking revelations from the documentary “Canada’s Woke Nightmare—A Warning to the West,” it’s time to ask the tough questions about the consequences of these well-intentioned but perhaps misguided endeavors. From soaring crime rates to a burgeoning drug crisis in Vancouver, the evidence is mounting. But hey, maybe embracing chaos is the latest trend in the Great White North! More on this below. Keep reading.

In his eye-opening documentary, released on August 29th, UK Telegraph journalist Steven Edginton delves into the rapid decline of Canada, shining a spotlight on how its embrace of progressive policies has plunged it into chaos, which could have far-reaching consequences for the Western world.

The Soaring Crisis: Crime, Homelessness, and Drug Addiction

Steven Edginton’s documentary, “Canada’s Woke Nightmare—A Warning to the West,” lays bare the disturbing escalation of crime, homelessness, and drug addiction within the nation. It also spotlights Canada’s troubling acceptance of abortion and assisted suicide. At the core of these societal issues is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ambitious agenda to reshape Canadian society. Alongside stringent COVID measures and restrictive laws curbing free speech, Edginton reveals how, under the leadership of the Liberal Prime Minister, Canada has positioned itself as the global epicenter of progressive politics.

Unveiling the Decay: “Wokeism” as the Culprit

Edginton’s documentary doesn’t merely present the symptoms of “wokeism”; it goes further to diagnose the root cause. As renowned Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson opines, “I don’t believe that any of the conundrum that we’re in at the moment in the West is strictly political. I think what’s happened is that the predatory psychopaths have figured out how to cloak themselves in the guise of compassion.” The documentary meticulously provides evidence to substantiate this viewpoint.

The Dystopian Reality of Vancouver

Edginton’s investigative journey commences in Vancouver, a city on the West Coast where the possession of hard drugs, including heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl, has been legalized. As one concerned passerby aptly puts it, “Overdoses are up. Violent crime is up. It’s a jungle out here.” This grim reality is what confronts residents daily.

The documentary further features filmmaker Aaron Gunn, known for his work on the escalating issues of open drug use, homelessness, and crime across Canada. His documentary, “Canada Is Dying,” has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube alone. Gunn asserts that he documents the “general societal chaos and explosion of drug use in every major Canadian city.” Shockingly, overdose deaths have skyrocketed by 1000% over the last decade, and Vancouver witnesses four random attacks every day.

The Blame Game in Vancouver

Edginton, having witnessed the drug epidemic and its catastrophic repercussions firsthand, presses Gunn to identify the culprits behind the chaos in Vancouver. Quoting a local business owner, Gunn replies, “You get what you tolerate.” This phrase encapsulates one of the central messages of the documentary: the toxic legacy of “woke tolerance” that extends far beyond Vancouver’s borders.

Compassionate Killing: Canada’s Perilous Path

Canada is not just grappling with drug overdoses; it’s also navigating a legally sanctioned medical industry of death. Euthanasia has been permitted in Canada since 2016, and in recent years, there have been allegations of the state encouraging medically assisted suicide.

Edginton interviews a military veteran, disabled during her army service, who contemplated taking her own life due to the state’s neglect. Christine Gauthier’s heart-wrenching story reveals how she was offered “assisted suicide” as an alternative after years of waiting for vital services. The documentary highlights that many veterans like her are left to “crawl into their own hole and die.” The demand for state-assisted suicide, euphemistically termed “Medical Assistance in Dying” or MAiD, is on the rise in a nation losing hope.

Suicide and Abortion as Dubious “Progress”

Edginton also engages with physician and “social justice activist” Dr. Konia Trouton, a key figure in the Canadian Association of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) Providers. Trouton provides guidance and training to healthcare professionals involved in assisted suicide. As a veteran abortionist, she views herself as a champion of social justice. The legalization of “assisted dying” and over-the-counter abortion pills in 2016 prompted her to cease surgical abortions. She anticipates that the demand for assisted suicide will soon outstrip the supply of willing doctors in Canada.

A Misunderstood Nation

Edginton questions Trouton about whether Canada is a “post-Christian” nation. Her response touches upon the strong indigenous culture in Canada, but she overlooks the historical presence of Christianity among Canada’s First Nations people.

The Crisis of Conservatism

The documentary concludes with a critical examination of the failure of “conservative” political parties to counteract the chaos engulfing the West. Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, founded in 2018, discusses the challenge of conservatism in the face of social upheaval. Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre’s shift towards progressive ideals is highlighted as a concerning trend. This ideological shift raises questions about the state of conservatism in Canada.

Closing Thoughts: The Manipulation of Compassion

In a poignant finale, Jordan Peterson returns to emphasize that the notion of compassion has been manipulated, leading to the acceptance of harmful ideologies. Edginton’s documentary, supported by a wealth of evidence from various spheres, underscores the dire state of affairs in Canada and its potential ramifications for the broader Western world.

Hot take: Who needs order and stability when you can have a front-row seat to Canada’s “Woke-catastrophe”?

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