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Moscow’s Deteriorating Ties with Ukraine KILLED Mikhail Gorbachev

According to his interpreter, Mikhail Gorbachev, the former leader of the Soviet Union, was taken aback and confused by the turmoil in Ukraine in the weeks and months before he passed away. Furthermore, he was emotionally devastated by Moscow’s deteriorating ties with Ukraine.

Pavel Palazhchenko, who started working with the late Soviet prez for 37 years and sat by his side at innumerable United States-Soviet summit meetings, called Mikhail Gorbachev just several weeks earlier and said that he and others have been shocked by just how traumatized Gorbachev was by the occurrences in Ukraine. 

“It wasn’t just the [special force] operations that began on Feb 24, but the overall evolution of ties involving Ukraine and Russia over the course of the past several years that has been genuinely a major blow to him. According to Palazhchenko, who was present at the session, it “totally killed him both emotionally and psychologically.”

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A lecture entitled “My Life in Politics” was given by Mikhail Gorbachev, a former leader of the Soviet Union, at the international university that he established in Moscow in 2012. [File: Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP]

“During the course of our chats, it was abundantly clear to both of us that he was dumbfounded and surprised by the events that were taking place due to a wide variety of factors. Not only did he believe in the closeness of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, but he also thought that Russian and Ukrainian populations were intertwined.

On Feb. 24th, Russian President Vladimir Putin began what he referred to as a “special military campaign” by deploying a large number of Russian troops into Ukraine. The mission of this “special military operation” was to defend Russian-speaking people, but also to focus on ensuring Russia’s safety against such a broadening NATO military alliance.

According to Kyiv, it is protecting itself against an unprovoked war of aggression in the style of an imperial empire. In the meantime, the West has slapped wide restrictions on Russia in an effort to convince Putin to pull back his military, but he is not showing any signs of doing so.

It was a favorite saying of his “that history is a fickle lady” I feel that he firmly held that belief and I believe that he anticipated, that the final decision would be favorable to him.

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