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Republican Supporters Pose a Threat to American Democracy

Trump and his “extreme” Republican supporters pose a threat to American democracy, according to Biden.

With only eight weeks left until the highly contested midterm elections, the President of the United States is stepping up his attacks on his predecessor.

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, has accused Mr. Trump and his supporters of “extremism” that constitutes a threat to American democracy. He has also urged the nation’s citizens to assist/help in the fight against what he has depicted as “sinister forces inside the Republican Party”.

During a speech at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, former Biden accused his predecessor, Donald Trump, and those who support the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) agenda of being willing to “take this country backward” to a time when there were no privileges to abortion, privacy, pregnancy prevention, or same-sex marriage. He also accused Trump of being willing to disregard the United States Constitution.

Joe Biden said, “Donald Trumps MAGA Republicans, embody a radicalism that threatens the fundamental foundations of our republic.” “As I take my place here this evening, freedom and liberty are coming under attack. To act as though this is not the case is not in our best interests”.

The address comes a little over a month and a half before the heavily contentious upcoming elections that will take place in the United States. Joe Biden has described these elections as a turning point for the country.

According to people close to the president, their boss is growing deeply concerned over anti-democratic tendencies within the opposing Republican Party and its groups linked with Trump.

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During his initial year in office, Joe Biden refrained from making any references to his competitor, Donald Trump; however, in recent weeks, Biden has become more outspoken about Trump. [Photo by Evan Vucci/Associated Press]

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