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Nothing Mutate Faster Than a Non-Virus

Non-Virus Mutates faster then fiction

Nothing mutate faster than a non-virus, except maybe TV Doctor Tony Fauci’s assertions regarding the “so-called pandemic.”

This all started In early 2020 with a “virus” that was NEVER been isolated, Meaning a phantom, fake, fraudulent non-entity.

We’ve had fake variants that did NOT scare people badly enough like Delta, and now the Omicron from Africa.


Is Your SANITY In Danger From Mainstream News?

According to the Stupidity meter, how dumb does a person need to be to believe the formal COVID narrative? The more variants, the dumber and obedient folks have to be to go along with the spectacle.

At some point, as variants grow, people who resemble sloths, living their daily lives hanging upside down in Christmas trees are going to awaken.

The fundamental tactic is to Create new fantasies/lies to explain prior illusions/lies.

Assuming that you’ve forced yourself to endure one of the hundreds of virus-outbreak films/movies/shows, at some point the scientific premise loses its effect. You’re thinking, “Let’s get to the blowing up of S**t, and people shooting each other already”.

The COVID scam is about solitary confinements, the devastation of markets and daily lives, vaccine injury and loss of life, and the dictatorial conquest of shattering society.

So, just Leave the Omicron & Delta fantasies for those sloths lying on the couch. One day, they’ll wake up from their trance and catch up to us.

If we STOPPED vaccination campaigns, stopped spraying pesticides, the health of the population would return to normal and revive naturally, without medical interference.

Needless to say, the governments and their allied corporations have NO intention of returning hijacked/stolen property to the people it took it from. They have no intention of stopping poisonous pesticides. They have NO intention of admitting that they are concocting a story about a “virus,” using it as a cover for BIG pharma, and political buddies. These guys have NO intention of stopping toxic vaccination campaigns.

To top everything off, the conditions the “virus” triggers are swelling of the heart, and yes, brain damage.

hey, hey, …” Look here, at the virus. Don’t look there.”

The magician is selling the targeted audience an illusion.

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