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Germany Sinking Deeper into Economic Abyss

Germany is abandoning its manufacturing sector and Sinking Deeper into Economic Abyss.

The catastrophic decline in energy production in Germany is being referred to as a “structural rupture,” and it is the primary factor behind the grinding stop in production at industrial facilities there. According to a story in the Financial Times, a number of businesses have “completely suspended production” and will allegedly remain dormant until the cost of electricity returns to something resembling a more reasonable level.

But here we are on the first day of September, and winter hasn’t even started to make its way here yet. The flow of gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipelines has been interrupted by Russia, and there is no way of guaranteeing that Germany will have access to energy at an affordable price in 2023… or even in 2025 for that matter. Recently, the President of Belgium informed his people that they would only have to suffer through arctic winter weather with very little energy for “five to ten years.” In Poland, residents are reportedly waiting in line in their vehicles and sleeping in them for three days simply to be able to buy some coal so that they can heat their homes during this winter.

The Western European continent is rapidly regressing towards the Middle Ages.

Nobody has presented a compelling argument on how countries like Germany, France, Poland, or the United Kingdom can endure the upcoming winter without experiencing widespread death, economic collapse, starvation, or civil unrest.

It’s possible that those are the intended effects.

The destruction of the food and water supply in a controlled manner

The destruction of food infrastructure all over the globe is also being carried out on purpose, as evidenced by the fact that another food processing plant caught fire in the state of California this week. Inflation on food is soaring across the nation (conveniently, these same fraudulent federal inflation numbers don’t add up to the cost of food), and Dems are trying to push for $50 million in additional food freebies to illegal aliens, not for Americans. This is in contrast to Republicans, who are pushing for food handouts for Americans.

Economic Abyss

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