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Mar-A-Lago Backfires on FBI and Dems

A single FBI raid on President Trump’s private house was all that was necessary to set off a historic backlash against the illegal, corrupt FBI, DOJ, and Biden dictatorship. Up until now, any discussion of getting rid of the IRS, the FBI, or the ATF was considered “fringe” talk. But because of the FBI, it is now considered mainstream conservatism.

It has sparked widespread outrage at the lawlessness and criminality of the illegitimate Biden regime, an enemy occupying force that claims to rule America but is actually run by criminal tyrants and fraudsters who rigged the 2020 election to steal political power from the people. The FBI obviously planted evidence to try to frame Trump, just as they did with RussiaGate. This has galvanized conservative America.

Even Republican candidates for office and members of Congress are now aware that the FBI, the country’s largest domestic terrorist organization, is waging an armed conflict against the American people and conservative political figures.

Federal agencies no longer pretend to be the “good guys,” acting instead like the tyrannical lawbreakers they have always been.

It is quite obvious that the public’s trust in “institutions” of government is completely unimportant to the FBI, DOJ, ATF, DEA, EPA, IRS, and all the other oppressive government departments. They only consider their own wealth and power. They no longer operate as though they will ever have to account for voters because they believe that they have rigged the entire system against We the People.

Any pretense of “serving” the public has been abandoned. That has been replaced by the tyranny of lording over the populace and pushing weapons in their faces to rob them of their possessions, as happened at Mar-A-Lago.

For instance, the IRS is advertising for tax enforcers “ready to employ deadly force” against the populace of the United States. The IRS openly promotes this in a number of job postings, along with the requirement that applicants be prepared to “participate in arrests, the execution of search warrants, and other dangerous duties.”

The people revoke their permission when the government stops “serving” them and turns against freedom and fundamental rights. And it’s occurring all over right now. People are becoming more and more aware that the FBI is a cartel of armed terrorists with no constitutional power.

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