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America is Cracking

People are saying that America is Cracking. A divided country against itself cannot endure. If it hasn’t already, the moment will come when neither political promises nor reforms will be able to fix what has already been shattered.

Men’s souls are put to the test during these times. For years, if not decades, patriotic, law-abiding Americans have complained to the federal government.

They have denounced the expanding administrative state that aims to dominate all facets of American life. They have criticized the partisanship of the legal system and the uneven implementation of the law. They have criticized the Deep State’s domestic monitoring, which follows their every move, reads their emails and texts and keeps an eye on their bank accounts without a warrant or compelling evidence.

They have pleaded with federal lawmakers to reinstate a system of true federalism, separation of powers, and balanced government, and they have asked state governments to regain powers wrongfully taken by the federal government. They have yelled at the top of their voices for Congress to stop spending money it does not have and to keep its long-term commitments to secure the porous Southern border from unrelenting illegal immigration that inundates rural towns with crime, and murder, drugs, and societal collapse.

The federal government won’t take your input, they just will NOT LISTEN.

The American government tries to render itself immune to the will of the people by using all means at its disposal to silence public discourse. When corrupt leaders violate their obligations as representatives, no nation can stay cohesive. When a government sees its inhabitants as adversaries, no nation can survive. When a bloated bureaucratic structure violates its own constitutional limitations, no constitutional republic can endure. Peace won’t last.

The federal government’s two principal obligations/responsibilities to the American people are to safeguard the country from external dangers and to uphold a limited form of government that protects and enhances individual liberty. In both respects, it has failed.

The U.S. administration is more concerned with Ukraine’s borders than with securing its own. The FBI sees and pursues patriotic Americans as domestic terrorists rather than working to stop Islamic terrorists from killing Americans. The federal government’s worldwide “trade deals” and Green New Deal suicide pacts have left the United States dependent on its geopolitical adversaries for survival rather than securing America’s energy independence and enhancing its industrial and manufacturing self-reliance.

Congressional budgets that go far beyond what the American taxpayer is prepared to support have put the monetary system on a route to imminent collapse rather than maintaining the value of the U.S. dollar and shielding future American generations from unsustainable debt and deficits.

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