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I Am NOT CALLING For A Civil War

I am not CALLING for a civil war. Regardless of one’s position on the subject, I just believe it is inevitable at this point in American history, therefore everyone should be ready for what is ahead.

Raids on Mar-a-Lago marked a stepping up of the assaults against America First Patriots that have been going on for a while. They want the entire thing, even though Donald Trump is merely the tip of the spear. We are all a part of that.

They aim to separate us into those who will submit and those who won’t. Before they continue with their plans for The Great Reset, this is crucial. They are aiming to spark a civil war because they want lists. Currently, there is a cold civil war, but that may soon change.

If we want to have a chance of succeeding, we must know the opponent. The majority of FBI employees, corporate media, Democrats, and even many Republicans are willing participants, but they are only used as pawns. To get them to suspend their disbelief about how absurd everything is, it is explained to them that this is about stopping Trump or upholding the law. They only want a little justification, and then they will comply with all requirements.

The knights, bishops, and rooks being maneuvered around the chess board by the powers-that-be, the globalist elites like Barack Obama and Klaus Schwab, are those who are part of the Deep State control machinery, leaders of the Uniparty Swamp, and executives in corporate media and Big Tech. They are aware enough to understand that this issue transcends Trump alone. They are aware that they are carrying out the wicked aspect of the plan, but they are willing to do it since they have been promised wealth and power in exchange for their cooperation.

The people who engineered a Biden-Harris triumph are the real driving force behind the raid and everything else they’ve been trying to do to us since long before January 6, 2021. These are the forces and principalities responsible for the Liberal World Order, and they are the designers of The Great Reset. We must recognize that globalist elites like the World Economic Forum, the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, and others are in charge and controlling everything.

Trump’s defeat in 2024 is merely a pretext to get most of their minions to cooperate. It’s merely the icing on their globalist cake. Actually, the long-term targets are Christians and America First supporters. They’re using Trump to incite us to act foolishly, like blowing up a government building, so they can declare martial law and implement their FBI police state and their future IRS economic police state, as well as excuse their use of martial law.

The division is the real motivation. They want patriots to identify themselves so they can decide which of us can be tamed and which has to be destroyed. Their operation on January 6 sparked this, which is what brought up today’s attacks on Donald Trump. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do but get up and fight back. We will experience persecution if we use our behavior to define who we are. But if we try to play it cool and bury our emotions, we will be ruled. I decided to combat tyranny if we must deal with it in any capacity.

The goal here is to overthrow the United States of America. The only way to rebuild or have a clean reset is when everything collapses. They want rioting, violence, and extreme polarisation to sweep through the country, causing America to crumble. This is why starting a civil war is unwise. It’s also the reason a civil war might be necessary.

Keeping your eyes open and holding onto hope might be the most crucial thing to do right now. Those who have read their Bibles are aware that whether we are or are not living in the end times, we will ultimately triumph. Stay cool. Stay optimistic. Be persistent and prepared.

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