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The CDC has been ordered by the court to provide the data that indicates there were 18 million vaccine-related injuries in the United States

Upwards of 18 million individuals needed medical attention after their very first COVID injection, whether it was manufactured by Pfizer or Moderna. These people had been wounded so severely by the drug that they had to take it. PROOF at BOTTOM OF PAGE – Keep reading.

This is according to the CDC’s very own internal statistics, which a judge has now compelled the government agency to disclose to an oversight organization.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hid this information until it was ordered to come out by a court order. Instead of warning the public about the incredible risks posed by these shots as well as completely stopping Joe Biden’s mandates for widespread vaccination, the CDC chose to cover it up. Because of this, the CDC needs to terminate every single person who has a position of power there. What use does it serve for an entity to be referred to as “public health” if it does not inform the public that 8% of vaccination recipients are being hospitalized?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched a vaccination monitoring program in December 2020, just at the commencement of the deployment of the COVID injection. It’s possible that you recall it. The application was referred to as V-safe. People were asked to download the V-safe app onto their mobile devices and then self-report any adverse effects they may have experienced as a result of receiving the experimental mRNA shots. These shots were made available to the general public in accordance with only an Emergency Use Authorization issued by the FDA.

Because many people had been extremely terribly terrified by the virus due to the actions of global governments, a lot of individuals were willing to assist. In late year 2020, many people believed that the COVID injections were a medical miracle. Therefore, upwards of 10 million individuals installed V-safe on their mobile devices, and then they went on to be vaccinated against the disease.

For a medical investigation, it is a very large sample size. We now have an incredibly precise statistical model to utilize in our research on the 230 million individuals in the United States who have had at least 1 COVID shot because of the fact that 10 million people are actively engaging inside this V-safe self-reporting system.

Up until July of this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) monitored data collected via the V-safe program for the first two years of the vaccine’s availability to the general population. However, for some inexplicable reason, the CDC has never disclosed any data from the V-safe program. We were unable to view it. We had no choice but to put our faith in the CDC, despite the organization’s history of dishonesty.

On the primary homepage that the CDC maintains on the mRNA COVID shots, the statement “COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and free” is still there to this very day. This is the very first phrase that you see when you visit the website. Both risk-free and productive! This has been the stance of the CDC throughout the whole process. The vaccinations are risk-free, and receiving them won’t do you any harm.

If what you say is accurate, then why wouldn’t the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) divulge the statistics until a judge compelled them to do so in response to a lawsuit filed by (ICAN)? The statistics are quite clear in their presentation.

Again, this is a big sample size, but out of the 10 million patients who participated in the V-safe study, 3.3 million reported having Adverse Health Implications (AHIs) soon after receiving their first vaccine. That works out to one-third or 33 percent. After receiving the immunization, 1.2 million among those 3.3 million persons indicated they were unable to do their normal day-to-day activities for a period of time. 1,3 million people reported feeling so poorly after receiving the injections that they had to take time off from work or school as a result. And around 800,000 stated that their COVID immunization caused them to be hospitalized.

The most concerning aspect of this report is the very final number. 800,000 persons admitted to hospitals out of Ten million total people? That equates to an 8% incidence of hospitalization. It suggests that up to 18 million of the 232 million individuals who have had at least one vaccination may have required medical attention as a result of a negative response to the vaccine.

According to the findings of research that was conducted and released in June of 2021, by the NIH, where Tony Fauci works, the hospitalization rate resulting from COVID-19 for the whole population was 2.1%. There is just a 0.4% chance of being hospitalized according to COVID-19 if you are less than 40 years old.

The incidence of hospitalization for those who received the injections was 8%.

View the CDC data obtained by ICAN here:

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