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TikTok’s Influence on the EU-China Relations

TikTok – The New Battleground for EU-China Relations – The popularity of TikTok has been growing rapidly in recent years, with millions of users worldwide. However, the social media platform has become more than just a source of entertainment, it has become a new battleground for EU-China relations. EU parliament lawmakers have been using TikTok to win over the Gen Z votes, while China has been using the platform to promote its image globally.

EU’s Concerns over TikTok’s Data Privacy and Security

The EU has expressed concerns over TikTok’s data privacy and security policies. In 2020, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) raised concerns over TikTok’s data processing activities and the lack of transparency in its practices. The board also expressed concerns over TikTok’s collection of children’s data and the potential risks it poses to their privacy.

China’s Propaganda through TikTok

China has been using TikTok as a tool for its propaganda and to promote its image globally. Chinese state-owned media outlets, such as China Daily, have been using TikTok to spread their message to a younger audience. The Chinese government has also been accused of using TikTok to spread propaganda and silence dissenting voices.

TikTok’s Role in the EU-China Trade War

TikTok has also played a role in the EU-China trade war. In 2020, the US government threatened to ban it due to national security concerns, which prompted discussions between the US and EU on how to deal with Chinese tech companies. The EU has also been taking steps to reduce its dependence on Chinese technology, including TikTok.

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