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The Introduction of Digital Currency

Digital Currency

They have begun the introduction of digital currency. According to recent reports on, the government of the United Kingdom is making strong efforts to launch a CBDC called the “Digital Pound.” This CBDC would of course monitor every transaction carried out by private citizens, and it would also give the government the ability to restrict buying and freeze pocketbooks or personal/business accounts on command.

This week, this same de facto director of His Majesty’s Treasury announced that the Treasury had also begun consultations on the implementation of a Banking System Digital Currency (CBDC). Such a monetary system has the potential to usher in the new world order vision of a cashless economy/society in which the government is able to trace, control, and even seize all transactions.

The campaign for cryptocurrencies will be robust, but globalists will probably be disappointed since the great majority of customers will reject “surveillance money” and will continue to desire the privacy and freedom that comes with cash transactions.

A new Pandemic that is much more dangerous than the last one, with mandatory VJabs and quarantines in accordance with the new WHO guidelines.

The pandemic has already been scheduled for the year 2023.

According to an article on titled “Bill Gates Is Planning a ‘Catastrophic Contagion’ That Kills Young People,” Gates is allegedly plotting to eliminate young adults and children.

This story makes mention of Mr. Gates’ preparation for a second “catastrophic contagion,” which is claimed to be much more devastating than covid. It is abundantly clear that globalists require another, quite an aggressive pandemic — in conjunction with the new WHO pandemic treaty, in order to coerce the populations of the world into lockdowns, quarantines, masks, and additional Vjabbs.

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