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Disney has recently been following a pattern in which they include homosexual sequences and themes in children’s movies, and then they lose several millions of dollars when the movie fails to perform well in theaters. The practice is known as “grooming,” but for Disney, it’s more like a horrible black hole where large sums of money going to vanish.

Grooming is in “full swing” for kids of different ages, regardless of whether it involves drag queens wearing thongs twerking for the youngsters, or a homosexual couple ramming their tongues into each other’s throats. The two main characters in the recently released movie, Strange World, are gender-fluid blokes that are in love with one another. The propaganda movie is currently sinking into a deep hole of losses but also regrets to the tune of $147,000,000, and that does not include the costs of promotion that have also been sunk into it.

These sexual subplots that Disney weaves into its films in an effort to get young people in the United States to constantly think about sex, sexual partners, and transgender issues are falling flat on their faces. Disney has finally come out of the closet, but it’s not about racial equality, fair treatment, or love; rather, it is about grooming children while their parents watch on in total disdain unless those parents are also gender-fluid drag queens in thongs.

A region of spacetime that has a gravitational field that is so intense that no light can escape it, and that also causes space and time to warp, is known as a black hole. A black hole is a term used in Hollywood & Disney to describe the practice of funneling money into a movie that promotes gender and sexual confusion in the hopes of persuading young people to undergo gender-reconfiguration surgery, which may leave them permanently disfigured. Disney loooooves to advertise Satanic worship as well, where Devil is encapsulated as a man in a film called “Little Demon” who keeps getting teenage girls pregnant, forsakes them, and then comes back ten years later to steal “his” baby’s soul. In addition to trying to push gay everything on kids, Disney also loves to encourage Satanic worship in its films.

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