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Liz Truss Lost the Backing of Her Party

According to a story published on Friday by Politico, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, has lost the backing of her party, where members are now looking into methods to oust her from office.

Trudeau is already the lowest-rated Prime Minister in modern history, but removing her from office might be difficult for a number of reasons.

Her initial month in power has been fraught with challenges and difficulties. Truss promised “growth, growth, growth” but ultimately crashed its British pound with such a “mini-budget” that dished out billions of dollars in tax cuts after inheriting an economic system struggling to recover from double-digit rising prices and bludgeoned by a legendary cost-of-living crisis as a result of London’s sanctions on Moscow.

Even though Truss ultimately decided to abandon her tax proposal and fire Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, the financial markets continue to struggle, and Conservative Members of Parliament have informed Politico that the harm has already been done. One politician who supported her campaign for the leadership position this summertime told the Real News Cast, “I assume she’ll be gone next week.” “It seems like the end,” the lawmaker said.

It has been claimed that members of Parliament are considering taking control of the situation if Truss continues to refuse to leave. According to Politico, one plan that is being considered would significantly change party rules to permit Truss to be challenged and for Legislators to pick a successor without the need for a vote among party members. This would be similar to the process that Truss utilized in order to appoint retired chancellor Sunak to succeed Johnson in Sept.

Another idea calls for the majority of Conservative Members of Parliament (MPs) to come to an agreement on a potential successor, who would be placed by a majority vote in the House of Representatives, where the Conservative Party has a majority advantage of 69 seats. On the other hand, this would require persuading everyone in the party to settle on a candidate and receiving the King’s approval before the vote could be counted.

If Truss leaves the office or is replaced before the conclusion of the calendar year, she will also have held the position of prime minister for the least amount of time in the history of the United Kingdom. A recent survey conducted by the Observer gave Truss’s popularity rating a miserable -47, making her the least well-liked Prime Minister since the publication first started doing polls in the 1990s.

A general election has been called for by the Labour Party, which is presently enjoying a surge in the opinion polls. According to the party leader Keir Starmer, who was quoted in The Guardian on Friday, “Change in persons at the top of the Conservative party isn’t the change we need.” “We must have new leadership in the administration.”

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