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The CDC’s Advisory Committee Just Cast Their Vote To Include Some Of The Most Dangerous ‘Vaccines’ Ever Created On The Childhood Schedule

In a vote that was 15-0 in favor, the Immunization Practices Advisory Committee (ACIP) of the CDC decided to add mRNA COVID injections to the recommended vaccinations for children.

Because of this decision, the Emergency Usage Authorization (EUA) will no longer be required for the COVID vaccine makers, and they will instead be granted full immunity protection permanently.

According to Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, if the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decides to include COVID vaccines’ on their list of recommended immunizations, then schools may force students to have injections before they are allowed to attend class. However, he said that COVID vaccination regulations would not be enforced since the choice to vaccinate their children is with the parents, not the school districts.

Dr. Meryl Nass said that this implies various things, including the following:

The so-called “emergency” may finally be put to rest. They need the emergency in order to get EUA permission, which afforded them legal immunity for as long as the situation persisted. The situation no longer qualifies as urgent.

The manufacturers of vaccines may now produce vaccinations that are completely “certified” and have full liability protection for the rest of their lives.

The vote taken by ACIP is only a suggestion. It’s up to the CDC to add it to the timetable, but it should be a piece of cake.

Full Video story here.

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