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Hours not Days are all that is left for Truss

A senior member of the Conservative Party informed the UK Telegraph Wednesday that Prime Minister Liz Truss’s tenure at 10 Downing Street is coming to an end. The source disclosed this information to associate editor Christopher Hope, saying, “I’d now be ringing the family to say it is hours, not days.”

As a result of rumors that Truss had ejected Wendy Morton in the hall of the congressional chamber and “marched her out,” causing Whittaker to quit in protest, the govt issued a formal denial on Wednesday evening, insisting that both remained in their posts. This came after the rumors that Truss have already fired Morton in the hallway of the House of Representatives and “marched her out.” A heated vote on fracking, during which at least 50 Conservative MPs are claimed to have abstained from voting, is said to have been immediately followed by the alleged incident.

Boris Johnson, who led a Tuesday YouGov survey on who would succeed Truss, was one among the members of Parliament who decided not to participate in the vote on fracking, which was supposed to be an undeclared “no confidence” move on the Prime Minister’s. According to the same study, there is a desire for Truss to be removed from her position in 55% of those who participated, including 36percent of those who opted for her. She has been in office for a little over a month, which would make her the prime minister with the shortest tenure in history.

On Wednesday, it was discovered that Secretary Suella Braverman had sent a crucial document on her personal email account to the incorrect recipient. As a result, she also resigned from her position. She made a passing reference in her letter of resignation to the fact that she had “concerns about the course of this administration,” which was an allusion to the very prominent about-face that Truss had been obliged to perform after her contentious “mini-budget” caused market pandemonium the previous week.

Kwasi Karting was removed from his position as a result of the scandal, and Jeremy Hunt was appointed in his place. Hunt tore up the radical neoliberal policies that Truss had implemented, and he hinted that tax increases might be necessary rather than the tax reductions that the Prime Minister had pledged in her campaign platform.

Over a half dozen members of Parliament have come forward to call for Truss’ resignation. On the other hand, she announced on Monday that she planned to “stick around” until the forthcoming leadership contest, reiterating the rallies of predecessor Johnson, who also initially defied his party’s requests to leave till a torrent of resignations made it impossible to govern. In both cases, the calls to leave came from within the party.

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