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It should come as no surprise that the fiat monetary system that is based on US dollars is in the process of rapidly destroying itself. We’re talking about HISTORY’S GREATEST Transfer Of WEALTH!

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After more than fifty years, it’s far beyond the limit of its own shelf-life, like a container of rotten milk.

Even the elites who are in charge of running the system are aware of this, and they are publicly discussing what they would want to see happen in the future.

Because of this, there has been a lot of debate about “resetting” the present international monetary system as it continues to struggle.

The way I see this is, there are three potential outcomes.

The 1st outcome is that digital currencies issued by central banks, known as CBDCs, and the (SDR) created by the International Bank Group would replace the United States dollar as the reserve currency of the world. It is the elites’ desired consequence.

Outcome #2: A hesitant re-monetization of gold. Central banks around the world are reluctant to switch back to using gold, but they’ll have very few options if their fiat economy crashes, forcing their hands.

The 3rd possible outcome is that bitcoin will be the wild card. It is possible that a Bitcoin standard may arise on its own regardless of whatever the elite wish. People are beginning to utilize bitcoin as a kind of currency as a result of its better monetary qualities, most notably its complete resistance to inflation. Bitcoin is a whole new commodity that people are using as money.

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It is important to bear in mind the tendency toward long-term monetization of bitcoin. However, both gold & Bitcoin will likely perform extremely well in the medium and short-term as fiat currencies fall in value.

It will be a great advance above fiat money, which is a hoax of historic dimensions, whether Bitcoin or gold finally wins the long-term fight to be the world’s main money since fiat currency is a lie of historic proportions.

Therefore, I am cheering for gold and Bitcoin simultaneously. For the time being, I am interested in having exposure to bullion, Bitcoin, and the equities of firms that create those assets.

Nevertheless, for the sake of this research, my primary worry is the impending monetary reset that the elites are attempting to pull off when the existing monetary system crumbles, which appears to be a pattern that is occurring more quickly.

Unfortunately, central banks continue to have a significant amount of influence on the monetary system and the financial sector. Over the long run, Bitcoin has a serious opportunity to make banks and fiat currencies obsolete. Nevertheless, in the more current timespan, commercial banks are in a position to reboot the currency system and attempt to bridge the divide to a new one that they hope to control. This can be done because monetary authorities are in a position to handle the new system.

From what I can see, they would rather prolong the life of a fiat currency system using CBDCs and SDRs than create a new currency altogether. Therefore, they will begin with that strategy. Despite this, I don’t believe it will be a workable solution.

To put it another way, if the existing system of fiat money is not feasible, then fiat on stimulants in the form of CBDCs and SDRs will also not be viable. The creation of CBDCs & SDRs will make it possible to debase currencies even more, which will be beneficial for alternative monetary systems like gold & bitcoin.

Therefore, I believe that in the end, they will be forced to unwillingly turn towards gold, which is something they are accustomed to and over which they have some degree of control.

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