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Living Under Austria’s Current Legislation

Austria's Current Legislation

It’s NOT easy living Under Austria’s current legislation, any person over the age of 14 that is NOT yet immunized goes up against a penalty of EUR3,600 each and every 3 months till they provide evidence of inoculation.

The regulations, in addition, dictate that the penalties could be as much as 7,200 bucks, depending on a multitude of variables, including things like “the threat an unvaccinated Austrian is to its community”.


Austria Putting Unvaccinated People in Solitary Confinement

The gravity of this penalty has been obviously lost to the state and the federal government from the beginning. The harshness was detailed flawlessly by Austrian Minister for Constitutional Affairs, Karoline Edtstadler that claimed “We do not like to PUNISH individuals that are NOT immunized. We intend to win them over and PERSUADE them to get immunized,” not long after this phony-baloney statement, nationwide vaccination requirements were launched, swarming with hefty fines.

By February 1st, 2022, the authorities will have 3 months’ target dates for people to supply confirmation or proof of inoculation. Authorized exemptions are going to be evaluated within these periods also, according to sources. Repetitive cases of unsettled penalties might also land Austrians behind bars for as much as 1 year.

Have you noticed when they say MIGHT- Means they WILL?

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