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The COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Work

“Super Immunity”: Pandemic Collapses Into Self-Parody, So since the COVID-19 vaccines don’t work. They’ve admitted it, and now they’re seriously trying to tell us that’s actually a good thing.

What “working” really means when your pandemic is nothing but wave after wave of meaningless positive tests and weasel-worded changes to the meaning of “cause of death”, is a different discussion for another time.

Indeed, whether they were ever meant to work, what they are actually for, and why the establishment needs to push them so hard are interesting questions for a future article.

For now, let us confine ourselves to Big Pharma’s stated intention: The “vaccines” are allegedly meant to stop the spread of “COVID-19”.

They don’t.

Florida Governor DeSantis filed a federal suit against the Biden administration

The “vaccines” are not even true vaccines by the traditional definition.

People who have been “vaccinated” still get infected, and can still spread the infection to other people.

Such infections are called “breakthrough cases”, and their existence has run a familiar course in the media.

First, they didn’t exist. Then they did, but they were rare. Then they weren’t that rare, but they were mild. Now they’re not just mild, they’re actually a good thing…because of super immunity.

That’s right, getting sick after being vaccinated might actually be good for you, according to a recent study, currently getting wall-to-wall coverage in the press.

Apparently, a team of researchers studying the blood of people who had breakthrough infections found that:

breakthrough infections of COVID after double vaccination developed as much as 1,000 per cent more effective and abundant antibodies, creating a form of “super-immunity.’

One. Thousand. Percent.

That’s a lot of percents. Like, ten times the usual amount of percent. Mightily impressive sciencey-sounding numbers.

So, it turns out, if you get the double-jab, but still get sick anyway, that’s not a sign you’ve just been conned into taking an experimental gene therapy that doesn’t do what it claims to do.

It’s not an indication that the entire narrative is constructed on a foundation of assigning a new name to standard cold and flu symptoms via a faulty test, and it definitely doesn’t mean the vaccines don’t work.

Quite the opposite, it means they super-duper-mega work, and you’re basically invulnerable…

Unless a new variant comes along, in which case get a booster. Or two. Because while 1000% immune might sound like a lot…wouldn’t 2000% immune be even better?

Think about this for a moment: in less than twelve months we’ve actually circled all the way around from the vaccine’s work to the vaccine’s don’t work…and that’s a good thing.

At this point, you just have to laugh.

By Kit Knightly

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