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Billionaire’s Recent Revamp of the Platform’s Verification Standards

Verification Standards

Following an upsurge in the number of imposter accounts on Twitter as a result of the billionaire’s recent revamp of the platform’s verification standards, Elon Musk has decided to postpone the launching of his premium subscription service for Twitter.

The CEO of Tesla, who has been responsible for a number of significant changes on Twitter ever since he acquired the site for $44 billion a month ago, said that he would delay the debut by two weeks in order to guarantee that it is “rock solid.”

On Tuesday, Elon Musk said on Twitter that the launch of Blue Verified will be delayed until November 29th so that the service could be improved upon.

What plans does Elon Musk have for Twitter?

The move comes after Musk’s initial decision to offer Twitter’s blue checkbox to any subscriber for $7.99 a month helped lead to a flood of lookalike accounts, such as fake profiles of fmr US President Donald Trump and Nba player LeBron James. The move comes after Musk’s earlier decision to offer Twitter’s blue checkbox to any user for $7.99 a month.

Twitter stopped offering its new subscription service one week ago and has since added a gray “official” symbol to the accounts of prominent public figures and significant businesses in an attempt to reduce the amount of uncertainty and misunderstanding that exists on the network.

On Tuesday, Musk said through Twitter that the relaunched monthly subscription would result in the loss of the verified checkmark for users who changed their names. This would continue until Twitter validated that the new name complied with the terms of service.

The first version of Twitter’s verification system allowed notable users and accounts who were deemed to be of public importance to get a checkmark on their profile at no additional cost.

The prior checkmark policy, which had been implemented to stop accounts from mimicking prominent persons, was referred to by Musk as a “lords and peasants system.”

The most recent plans for Twitter were announced following several weeks of turbulent upheaval at the social media company, which was characterized by large layoffs, high-profile resignations, and the flight of advertisers.

A number of major corporations, including GM, Audi, General Mills, and United Airlines, have ceased or discontinued their advertising on Twitter in response to worries over the direction in which the platform would be headed under Musk’s leadership.

Since taking over Twitter, Musk has said that he has “too much stuff on my plate,” and he expressed skepticism that the majority of people would want to be in his position when talking at a G20 business event on Monday.

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