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Hundreds of Research Studies Approved by Experts are going to be RETRACTED as they were “Manipulated”

After it was discovered that all of the articles had been “manipulated,” another several hundred peer-reviewed publications are scheduled to be removed from magazines in which they were originally published.

The leak is from Hindawi, a science journal publisher that includes upwards of 230 peer-reviewed scientific papers. It is the latest inside a growing list of bogus science research that was published in what were believed to be credible journals but was subsequently withdrawn due to fraud.

As per Retraction Watch, a surveillance organization that maintains a close check on such problems, Hindawi has announced that after weeks of investigative examination, it has chosen to withdraw 511 publications across Sixteen of its journals. These studies were published in Hindawi’s magazines.

“The retractions, which even the publisher as well as its parent organization, Wiley, will announce later on today in a blog post, will also be issued within the next month, and also more may arrive as its investigation continues,” says the website Retraction Watch. “The retractions will be issued within the next month, and more could come as the investigation continues.”

“At this time, they are not making the list accessible to the public.” (In a related development, The Lancet decided to take down a letter that it had previously published in which it ridiculed the lab genesis explanation of covid.)

According to reports, the research integrity team at Hindawi discovered various indicators of tampering across the articles, such as duplicated content. It was also discovered that a few of the peer-reviewed papers were carried out far too rapidly for them to be accurate, and that other reviews made improper use of the databases that publishers use in order to screen possible reviewers.

“Peer review and citation rings” are the source of widespread fraud in scientific journals.

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