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Kyrie Irving will make his season debut

It was announced on Sunday that Kyrie Irving will make his season debut for the Brooklyn Nets against the Memphis Grizzlies. Brooklyn’s Irving has missed the team’s previous eight games due to suspension for posting a link to an antisemitic documentary on social media. Irving sat down with Ian Begley of SNY on Saturday and apologized for the incident.

“I really want to zero in on the pain that I caused or the friction that I made inside the Jewish community, placing danger or supposed threat on the Jewish community,” Irving said. “Please accept my sincere apologies for all I’ve done. I’ve had a lot of time to consider this, my first priority would be to mend fences with my Jewish cousins, aunts, uncles, and siblings. I have had a really extraordinary experience. Because my family is quite diverse in terms of ethnicity, culture, and religion, we often discussed issues of prejudice and bigotry within the context of various minority groups.”

This attitude was shared by Irving, who spoke to the media for the first time on Sunday when he apologized “deeply” for his acts. Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report said on Sunday that Irving has met all of the conditions set out by the Nets before he could return. As far as we can tell, these preconditions were:

Say you’re sorry and that you think the documentary was terrible.
Give half a million dollars to groups working to eliminate bigotry.
Participate in a sensitivity course.
Go through anti-semitism education.
Get together with ADL and Jewish community heavyweights.
To show your comprehension, please consult with Joe Tsai.

During his Sunday media, Irving said he found the list’s distribution to be “inappropriate” since “it was publicized in the manner that it somehow pushed me in the corner as if I were guilty of something.” In the time when Irving was suspended, the NBPA collaborated with both Irving as well as the Nets to guarantee that no player’s rights would be infringed upon.

Following the completion of the 8 games he was required to sit out, Irving’s ban, which had been mandated to last for a minimum of 5 games, has now been lifted. The Nets are at 7-9, and their hopes of making the playoffs are dwindling. Even though Irving’s ban has been over, the event that led to it has cast a long shadow over the Nets’ season.

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