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The United Kingdom supplying Ukraine with Upgraded Mid-Range Air-to-Air Missile systems

According to British Minister of defense Ben Wallace, the United Kingdom would equip Ukraine with Upgraded Mid-Range Air-to-Air Missile systems (AMRAAM) in order to help the nation “defend its airspace.” The declaration comes after Russia carried out a series of large-scale attacks earlier this week targeting Ukrainian military sites as well as infrastructure.

On Thursday, Wallace issued a statement in which he said that he had given his approval for the delivery of AMRAAM anti-aircraft rockets to Ukraine. According to him, “These weapons will assist Ukraine in defending its skies against assaults and will bolster their total missile defense with the US NASAMS.”

According to Sky News, the delivery of dozens of missiles to Ukraine is anticipated to take place over the next several weeks.

Since the beginning of the confrontation with Russia in late February, London has contributed £2.3 billion (approximately $2.5 billion) in military assistance to Kiev, but this is the first time ever it will be delivering such a potent form of weapons.

Since the Surface-to-Air Ballistic Missiles that will be used to fire the AMRAAM missiles are likely to be provided by the United States, the launcher for the AMRAAM will not be manufactured in the United Kingdom (NASAMS).

According to reports coming out of Britain, in addition to the 18 howitzers and more aerial drones that will be given to Ukraine, scores of additional air defense missiles of various other sorts will also be sent.

The United States had already committed to providing 8 NASAMS launchers, and on Wednesday, the White House said that it was trying to deploy 2 of those launchers “as soon as we can.”

The announcement came after Russia launched a series of massive missile attacks against Ukraine late Monday and Tuesday. Moscow said that their actions were in retaliation to “terrorism measures” used by Kiev, which included efforts to damage the Kursk nuclear plant as well as the TurkStream gas pipeline, in addition to the truck explosion that occurred on the Crimean Bridge on Saturday.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that all of the operation’s objectives had been met and that their missiles had successfully struck all of their targeted targets. According to Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the State Duma of Russia, fifty percent of Ukraine’s producing capacity was lost as a result of the destruction of seventy facilities that were part of the country’s energy infrastructure.

The latest missile onslaught caused damage to thirty percent of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, according to the country’s Minister of Energy, who acknowledged the damage.

Following the attacks, President Zelensky released a message on Twitter stating that “air defense is now the first priority in our defense cooperation” with international allies.

On Wednesday, Ukraine announced that the first component of the cutting-edge IRIS-T air defense system that was manufactured in Germany had arrived. Berlin has committed to providing 4 of them to Kiev, and it is anticipated that the other three will be delivered in the following year.

Moscow has consistently voiced its disapproval of the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, and other countries’ decisions to provide weapons to Ukraine, stating that these decisions only serve to prolong the conflict and raise the likelihood of a direct engagement between Russia & NATO.

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