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Trump's Twitter Account

Elon Musk brings Trump’s Twitter account back up If he still wants it. Trump’s account returned on Twitter just after a poll sponsored by Elon Musk indicated marginal support for his restoration.

Almost 2 years after the former U.S. president got removed from Twitter for encouraging violence, Elon Musk has restored Donald Trump’s account.

On Saturday, Trump’s account was restored after its new owner, Elon Musk, conducted a survey indicating a slim majority of users favored reinstating the president’s access to the social media site.

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Upwards of 15 million people participated in the survey asking if Trump’s Twitter should be reopened, with a tiny majority of 51.8 % voting in support.

“The masses have spoken. Trump will indeed be reinstated,” Musk commented.

But Trump declared before on Saturday that he has zero desire to return to the platform.

When questioned by a group at the Gop Jewish Coalition’s yearly leadership gathering if he expected to return to Twitter, the former president answered in a video message, “I don’t see any need for it.”

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