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Moscow Has Banned 25 Americans from Entering Russia

Moscow has now banned 25 Americans from entering any part of Russia, including Sean Penn & Ben Stiller. The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the move Monday in response to Joe Biden’s “ever-expanding unilateral sanctions against Russian people.”

The list includes high-ranking US leaders, Democratic and Republican lawmakers, businesspeople, and “culture luminaries.”

Ben Stiller and Sean Penn visited Ukraine and spoke with President Vladimir Zelensky during the current crisis between Moscow and Kiev.

Stiller, a UN refugee agency goodwill ambassador, met with Poroshenko in June. The actor praises Zelenskyas as some sort of “hero” for rallying the country and the world.

The ‘Zoolander’ star toured a Ukrainian refugee facility in Poland before heading to Lviv, Irpin, and Makarov to highlight the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Sean Penn has kept strong contact with Zelensky since Moscow’s military action and is focusing on a film about the battle. Before the war broke out in February, the 61-year-old actor flew to Ukraine to record a documentary about the battle against Donetsk and Lugansk.

Ben Stiller’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” was released in 2013. The Twentieth Century Fox Corporation

The Oscar-winner has visited Ukraine and its borders multiple times and met with the leader twice.

Penn has consistently urged the global community to give more help to Kiev.

Moscow says it blacklisted the actors and a multitude of US business and political figures in reaction to “hostile actions by US authorities” that “continue to pursue a Russophobic path, trying to destroy a bilateral relationship and escalating confrontation” Russia vows to respond equally to any actions.

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