Latest Government Reports Coming From The UK

The latest state and federal government reports coming from the UK Health Security Firm (UKHSA) supplied Covid-19 stats for England from February 7th to March 6th, 2022, that showed a total amount of 5,681 Covid-19 fatalities: 5,216 deaths were actually immunized while just 465 of the fatalities were in the none-vaccinated.

The records showed that those totally or fully immunized as of today, represent 92% of Covid-19 fatalities, and the large bulk of those fatalities are with the triple vaccinated.

There was a total of 7,335 Covid-19 hospitalizations in England, and the immunized community represented 5,831 of them, or 80%, whereas the non-vaccinated populace represented merely 1,504 hospital stays.

Are you noticing temperament changes in people after they’ve been double-jabbed? 


Are you noticing the temperament changing in people after they’ve been double-jabbed? #jab #temper temperment #attitude #change

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#jab #temper #attitude #change

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