Horrifying Video of Adults Abusing Children at a Childcare Facility

This week, a horrifying video showing adults abusing a bunch of children at a childcare facility in Hamilton, Mississippi went viral, prompting huge anger both online and within the local community.

The footage, which was apparently captured on Tuesday, October 4th, shows a number of employees from ‘Lil’ Blessings Daycare’ congregating together around a group of exceptionally young children as they are eating their snack. The toddlers were taken aback when one of the staff entered the room while wearing a “Scream” Halloween mask. The employee then began to traumatize the children by shouting in their faces as they were shaking in terror and crying.

The daycare worker wears a mask and travels around the table in a systematic manner, pausing at every single youngster to instill maximum fear.

Even though it is plain to see that the children are in a great deal of pain, the worker continues to ignore their cries for help. Throughout the upsetting event, it seems like at minimum one other worker is chuckling in the background.

Where on earth is this acceptable? And all of this, we can safely assume, is for a TikTok video…

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