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750,800 Canadian Jobs Vanishing due to Lockdowns

Blacklock an Industry reporter disclosed that lockdowns resulted in over 750,800 Canadian jobs vanishing due to lockdowns and counting – a 9% decrease matched up to the past yr.

The Canadian government said that “the damages connected with lockdowns are so serious that it will take some time to evaluate the entire degree of the losses”.

“During 2020, COVID-19 pandemic most likely affected small business,” said the document. ( Ya think? )

” On the other hand considering that the most accessible records regarding small business development and devastation are for 2018, these kinds of impacts are undoubtedly over and above the range of this report.” Yes, the numbers will be MUCH HIGHER, bank on it. ask yourself, when has the government or the paid-off media EVER told the whole truth?


This Crisis Did Not Happen By Coincidence, If you don’t believe me, just check out this article I highlighted.

Small company entrepreneurs were FORCED to take on huge financial obligations so as to survive throughout this pandemic, still, Most small businesses were hounded to death by Heath officials and governmental restrictions, and strongarming them with Police.

Based on a document by The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) during September, entrepreneurs racked up $138 billion dollars in financial debt and counting.

“Physical repayment of the financial debt will definitely be the next major hurdle that these small companies are going to deal with.

Countless are seeing a sluggish pick-up in earnings due to capacity limitations, and unpredictability going into the new year,” pointed out CFIB Vice-President Corinne Pohlmann.

Before the so-called pandemic, small business employees made up roughly 68% of the Canadian labor force – 7.7 million workers, now, that’s NO small number.

Expert Explainer: Dr. Nitin Mohan on circuit breaker lockdowns - Schulich  School of Medicine & Dentistry - Western University
Sorry, we’re CLOSED… Get accustomed to this in 2022

Based on Stats for 2021, lockdowns had the biggest effect on Prince Edward Isle as the province gave up 13% of local business jobs. Public health and useless Government restrictions had an effect on all of the provinces, including British Columbia (12%), Alberta (11%), Québec (9%), Saskatchewan (8%), Newfoundland and also Labrador (8%), Ontario (7%), Nova Scotia (7%), Manitoba (6%), New Brunswick (4%).

These numbers are LOW, when the real numbers show up it will cripple this country if these tyrants continue to hold power…

Make the change, VOTE THEM OUT in 2022.

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